external image geico2.jpgPaleolithic Clothing- Materials Used (Janet & Josh)

Although the Paleolithic people did wear clothes they mostly wore wraps for warmth, as it was very mobile and made hunting easier compared to more clothing. The clothing worn in the Paleolithic tribe had no impact on the level of society which they were assigned.

Archaeologists have found bone needles that indicate that they sewed clothes, most likely made from animals skin. Research also indicates that animal sinew (tendons) were used as a thread. Such needles-some of which more than 25000 years to the Upper Paleolithic period-suggests that clothing extends beyond what would typically be envisioned.
"Life In Paleolithic 1-Daily Life." mactia.berkely.edu,unknown http://www.mactia.berkeley.edu/aop/modules/palaeo1_Webready.htm

The early clothes were most certainly animal skins and pelts. This made life a great deal more easier because throughout the colder season the early man could not survive due to freezing. There is zero to little evidence found by anthropologists that reveal clothing worn because clothes and animal skins deteriorates over time. http://histclo.com/Chron/ph/ph.html

The clothing of course developed over time, stones, teeth, and various objects were strong together to decorate and add some swag to their already stylin’ animal pelts.http://www.nova.es/~jlb/mad_in52.htm

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