Homo habilis

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The homo habilis species was discovered in 1960 by a team in Tanzania. They believed that their discovery was in fact a human ancestor. The homo habilis lived in what was calld the stone age, it was called this because they made their tools out of stone instaed of metals and wood. They followed here their food sources was going, so they would always have it. They lived in small groups, so they could all protect eachother, also for food reasons if they didnt have a lot of food, the group would be smaller. The homo habilis lived in caves or slept under cliffs for shelter. Them living in caves was dangerous because they never knew if it was occupied by a dangerous predator. The homo habilis were more like the human species then their ancestors. They were taller and they had larger brains. They didnt have the skills to make fire so they would wait for something to catch fire naturally. They would try to take their fire with them but it would usually go out before they made camp. They also didnt stay in one place for very long because they were always looking for food. (Emily&Jordyn)

Homo Habilis " Handy Man" Sunday, February, 7th 2010
Kreger David ,"Homo Habilis", Sunday February, 7th 2010