(Neaderthal skeleton)


Neanderthal males worked together to track and kill large game, but it is not certian that they lived together in any kind of formal social relationship. Life was lived on a day to day basis, males lived largly separate from females and children because of the demands of hunting and scavenging. The Neanderthal's world was one of small groups thinly spread over a vast landscape. There was no formal leadership, rules or laws. Although Neaderthals did hunt big game like the Wooly Mammoth and the Wooolly Rhinoceros, they also scavenged for food.

While males scavenged and hunted, females and children spent more time close to the cave and fire, preparing foods brought to them by males. With this knowledge, it is a safe assumption that the role of women and children were essential to the survival of the Neanderthals.

Most children would have died in child birth or the first few years of life. 80 percent of adults died before the age of 40. Pregnancy was a 12 month cycle rather then our 9 month cycle.

Neanderthals are eventually made extinct with the arrival of the Homo sapians.

Neand.gif(Neaderthal skull)