Neolithic Arts and Crafts- Style and Purpose

In the Neolithic period people had more time for arts and crafts because they no longer had to contribute to the supplying of food. This was due to the fact that they were no longer nomadic. They had more time for other occupations as well, such as weavers and potters. Increased food production also allowed people to have more time to create and enjoy art and architecture as well as compose poetry and even look into different types of music. Artist finally became a carrer because there was such a surpluss of food which is a huge difference comparred to the Paleolithic peoples. The architecture was mostly Neolithic megaliths (big stones). An example of this is the "Stonehedge" on the Salisbury Plain in England. There has also been some etchings in rocks along rivers. Similar structures are found in other places in Europe and all the way down to Africa. A lot of the art was used for religion as well as practical uses. For example, the weaving was use for making clothes and some of the architecture was used for astronomical observatories. The cave drawings were also used to represent some of their lifestyle. The art was not essential for survival but rather it is a characteristic of the culture at the time.
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("Stonehedge" made in Neolithics times) (cave drawings by Neolithic peoples)

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(Rebecca Jansen)