Sargon of Akkadia

Sargon of Akkadia was born into the high levels of the Akkadian society. At the point of his birth Akkadia was still the lower class but the war between The Akkadians (Slave class) and the Sumarians (Ruling class) was reaching never before seen heights. Originally a gardener, his rise to fame is a result of his defeat of Lugalzaggisi, the leader of the united lands of Sumer. For the following years Sargon traveled to each city within Sumer to assert and assure the citizens of his athority. After gaining full control over Sumer the cities of Akkad pledged thier alliegence to Sargon for two reasons; his military might and the fact that he was a son of Akkad.


During Sargon's rule the offical language of mesopotamia changed from Sumarian to his native Semitic. A new ruling class emerged a combination of both citizens from Sumar and Akkad. Sargon ruled successfully over all of Mesopotamia for 56 years and artifacts from Mesopotamia cite Sargon as the founder of Mesopotamian unity and military tradition.

(relief carving of Sargon's victory over Lugalzaggisi)